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Nestled in a remote mountain in South Tyrol is a studio where artist Annemarie Laner lives and works. From her early studies at the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna to her current role as a celebrated freelancer in Campo Tures, Laner’s path was marked
by dedication and distinction, notably receiving awards for her exploration of the absurd in the context of Albert Camus’ work.

Serving as both a sanctuary and a creative starting point, Laner’s studio is home to the many projects and pieces she’s created, a gallery of sorts that showcases the artistic journey that has taken her to various locales, influencing her style and perspective. Laner’s exhibitions, residencies, and involvement in projects related to art in construction and sacred areas have enriched her portfolio and expanded her spatial thinking.
As the world undergoes profound changes, Laner’s future artistic plans remain adaptable, reflecting the uncertainties of the times. She highlights the transformative power of art and the importance of interpreting messages within their temporal context. Schön! travels to the mountains to chat with Laner about her influences, creative process, and the evolving landscape of contemporary art, emphasizing the ever-shifting balance between tradition and innovation.